Frequently Asked Questions

Founded in 2002, OneHealthPort solves a specific problem faced by healthcare professionals: information sharing. When patients enter a clinic, doctors often struggle to access the medical history they need to make informed decisions.


This portal collects health information in one place where healthcare professionals in the Pacific Northwest region can easily access and edit the data. It has many important uses. For example, the portal allows clinicians to assess a patient’s exposure to certain drugs so they can decide whether a new prescription poses a risk.

During the first registration step, I get the message “Duplicate found”. What do I do now?

It is possible that the CPF you are trying to register is already registered in OneHealthPort, in which case the system will notify you and ask you a series of questions to determine what steps you need to follow in order to resolve that situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any way of setting up a secret question?

As an additional layer of security, you will also be asked a secret question if you forget your password in case you forget it, which is a form of double security. When you forget your password, the easiest way to prove your identity is to answer your secret question correctly; however, you will need to set it up beforehand.

You have the option of changing your secret question online under Manage Account once you receive a new password (or remember the old one), register as a subscriber, and select the option to edit your secret question.

Will my user ID change if I change my name?

Your User ID remains the same.

In what browsers can I access the OneHealthPort website on my computer?

Currently OneHealthPort is compatible with all versions of Internet Explorer (versions 8, 9, 10, 11), Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Support may not be available for other web browsers. If you’re having connection issues, also make sure your ISP is online.