OneHealthPort when it opened in 2002, helping the company communicate a complicated technical message in simple, understandable terms. We created the corporate branding, including logo, business documents and warranties, and developed a comprehensive marketing plan for OneHealthPort.


OneHealthPort to create the HIE that supports over 50 million transactions in addition to multiple formats. This offers enormous possibilities for a wide range of business partners to efficiently exchange information on a daily basis.

Here Are The Functions Of Login Portal

With hybrid integration, OneHealthPort offers an exceptional solution that allows OneHealthPort to:

  • Offer high availability solutions
  • Simplify paperwork with AMPLIFY
  • Improve data quality through standardization
  • Accelerate reimbursement processes for healthcare sales
  • Strengthen community health through observation, monitoring and reporting
  • Provide better prescription drug monitoring and better workforce and industry reporting.
  • OneHealthPort chose Axwa B2B Cloud Managed Service and AMPLIFY™ API Management deployed on AWS.

OneHealthPort’s marketing strategy has been revised and updated in light of the many changes since its inception, developing new messages and a new marketing plan. We have provided ongoing marketing advice to OneHealthPort for many years, helping the company communicate its services and share best practices, including organizing, promoting and running a recurring series of workshops across the state and developing a style that its in-house developers can use. when projecting power. your apps.


  • Each organization using OneHealthPort already has one or more administrators. Yes
  • Your organization’s OneHealthPort administrators are not the people who administer
  • accreditation, you must add these employees as administrators for them to have access
  • the account manager role in the ProviderSource application. Only employees with OHP
  • The admin role has access to the account manager, which provides data management
  • Rights to all data of

Medversant may be contacted at 213-433-7505, Monday through Friday, 6 am to 5 pm, if you have questions about the ProviderSource website. You can get assistance at 17:00 Pacific Time. You may contact OneHealthPort at 1.800.973.4797 if you need help reactivating your account, changing your password, or logging in.