As well as providing healthcare professionals with access to local health websites, online services as well as valuable clinical and business solutions, this web application enables them to do business more effectively. By using a Subscriber ID, users can easily log in to all participating organizations’ information by setting up a single sign-on process. This process makes accessing the supplier portals much easier. As a seller, you are free to use this service.


OneHealthPort began by offering a single sign-on service for web forms, which moved much of the interaction with healthcare providers from the phone to the web. The next natural step came a decade later when they created a secure portal to share data.


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OneHealthPort has discovered a true partnership that allows them to take advantage of new technologies, improve their platform and develop their internal knowledge, all on a solid basis of mutual trust.

Registration Procedure For New Users

Step 1- How to select an administrator

OneHealthPort administrators must be designated by each organization. An organizational account is managed by the person who completes the registration process. To register with OneHealthPort, you need consent from an authorized recruiter. Along with basic user management, which includes resetting passwords, adding and removing users, and managing tax IDs, the administrator is also responsible for the organization’s overall tax compliance.

Step 2 – Register online

There is a registration form on the OneHealthPort administration site that must be completed online. Please note that to ensure the security of your data, the OneHealthPort administrator must verify the identity of each user, either online (answering a few questions) or offline (testifying before a notary).

Getting your notification is the third step

To enable organization and individual credentials, the administrator must complete these steps and notify the administrator within 72 hours when the credentials are enable

Access To The Official Portal

To access the official website, you must first create a user account. If you have already registered with One Healthport, by following the steps below, you can easily access our official website by visiting www.onehealthport.com.


  • Create an account at www.onehealthport.com and log in.
  • Once this is done, the new page will appear on the screen.
  • You must select one from the list of participating sites available to you.
  • A new page will load once you click Next.
  • You must enter your username and password to access the requested information.
  • Clicking the submit button is the last step in this process.

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