Reset Credentials

As part of its work to simplify administrative processes for the state of Washington, OneHealthPort operates the Provider Data Service. As part of the state of Washington’s efforts to simplify its administrative processes, OneHealthPort runs the Provider Data Service.


This is a method that the government uses to collect all the information that healthcare providers provide to health plans and hospitals as part of the accreditation process.

How To Retrieve Forgotten Credentials?


OneHealthPort admins can help you if you can’t remember your username.

  • Visit for more information.
  • Please contact customer service if you have forgotten your User ID and are an admin. Call 1.800.973.4797 (toll-free). The helpdesk will ask you questions that you must answer correctly for security reasons. If you do, a new username will be sent to your registered email address.


You won’t have to worry about losing your password if you forget it. The new password will be provided to you after you have answered a few security questions during registration. In order to retrieve a forgotten password, you will need to answer all of the questions correctly.


  • Visit the official login portal at to gain access to the system.
  • Upon clicking the link, you will be able to reset your password, and you will be given the option to do so.
  • Enter the answers to the security questions.
  • Click Next when finished.

The email address provided during registration will be sent an activation code if the answers are correct. In case you do not correctly answer the secret question, you will be required to get a new activation code from your administrator.

If you need help, call Medversant toll-free at 1.855.252.4314, option 1 (Monday-Friday, 6 am), or reset your password.